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Substrates Question

I have had several plants tanks ranging in technology from the full package
CO2/high wattage lighting/heater cables to el basic Eclipse II setup. Right
I just have a 20 gallon tank because my budget $3500 for a super high tech
tank fell through. However, for all these tanks, I have always used either
1/8th inch Cabria gravel or the flourite stuff.

I have read a lot about the alternate methods of kittly litter or using a
fine sand etc... Keep in mind I call these fish tanks but they are densly
planted. I have very little if any algae, a moderate to high fish load -
but good water quality and great plant growth. Do you guys have a problem
with the your fine grain or earth substrates clogging or ever going
anaerobic? Furthermore, do you have to tear up your substrates on a semi
periodic basis? I realize heater cables can help this from happening but
when I do a gravel vacuum, I find a lot of detritus in the gravel bed.

Thanks a lot for any input you might have.

Julius Odian