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Re: Pushak and Iron

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, James Purchase wrote:

> O.K Steve - I've got a question for you...


> But why the color difference, and in which tank is this color difference
> exhibited?

I rather hope that Steve decides not to respond directly to this letter.
If you have observations that you think are conclusive, then you should
make the conclusion yourself instead of trying to manipulate someone else
into making it for you.

Incidentally, your observed light-colored leaf midrib is exactly the
opposite of chlorosis.  A leaf is chlorotic when the veins (including
midrib) are *darker* than the tissue between the veins, which is usually
lighter green, yellow or cream-colored.

And FWIW, for years I had two 10-gallon tanks in a side-by-side setup like
you describe.  There was always some difference between those tanks no
matter how similar I tried to make their maintenance, construction and
ambient conditions.  I'm not at all surprised that you have differences
between two tanks with different substrates and different fertilizers and
I doubt that you can pin down the cause of the difference quite as easily
as you seem to think you can.  There are more variables involved in an
aquarium setup than people usually want to deal with in research.

Roger Miller