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Re: Filtration?

Matt Estep asked...

>Hey everybody
>        My question is do I need filtration on a heavily planted tank with
>4 watts per gal, daily PMDD dosing, and CO2 fertilizing.

Definitely not, unless your substrate is very fine and a great deal
of mulm accumulates on the surface. Water circulation on the other
hand can be quite beneficial. As an example I have one 15 gallon tank
with 75 (adult) guppies, hairgrass and giant duckweed, 3 watts per
gallon of fluorescent light, and neither filtration nor water
circulation. The gravel has never been cleaned and water changes are
every 10 days. I add nitrate. Green water is a problem and I have to
watch pH; however, plants and fish are in good shape.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca