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Iron Levels

In response to the comment about how to determine the proper dosing
for iron, here is my experience:

I was dosing Flourish iron and Weiss Living Water Vital, using a Eheim
Liquidoser, about 6 times a day. The plants did much better after this
Previously I was only dosing Flourish (normal stuff, not the Iron)
twice weekly.

I then decided to cut back on the number of doses a day, thinking that I

was overdosing. The plants promptly went downhill, with the leaves
yellowing. Iron testing showed the same amount of iron as the previous
dosing program, this could be due to a lousy test kit.

By going back to the original dose, the plants are doing better.

By the way, I love the Eheim Liquidoser, it is a really nifty gadget.

S. Wong