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SAEs in Baltimore

Ken, I bought mine there about 6 months ago and they are true SAEs.

The one's I saw were true SAEs too.  I read that they school with False SAEs and are
all wild caught so sometimes they are mixed together.  Although I assume you were
referring to a tank full mislabeled.   When I bought mine I lost one which jumped out
of the tank through a 1/2 slot I had open front and back to lower the temperature last
May or so.

For a great article I have used  a site that doesn't seem to be there today to find
Liisa Sarkontu and Neil Frank's article on SAE's.

I found it's new site <G> while I was writing this note.
This site uses Liisa's sketches which I think show up better than the pictures in the
site below (maybe my monitor or printer resolution though).

This the same or similar article with pictures instead of sketches is at:

From Liisa Sarakontu's site you can find the sketches.  I really appreciate the work
Neil and Liisa have done on the SAE.  It's the source I have used to determine which
fish I am looking at when I'm at the local fish store.

Best Picture of SAE from her site:

False Siamese

Flying Fox

Green Garra

Her site is

>Bill: I bought a dozen SAEs from the Aquarium Center in
>two bunches over a period of six months: the first bunch
>were true SAEs, the second were not.  Be sure that
>the black line runs all the way to the end of the tail and
>the fins do not have any color in them.  The ones that
>were NOT true SAEs were bought about a month ago.
>Ken Guin
>Kenguin at homemail_com