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Tank conversion

I'm finally enjoying a little success with my 30 gallon planted tank
thanks to this list. 

I have a 75 gallon fish only tank which has been set up for two months
that I would like to convert (if possible) to a planted tank. I would
like to continue using a laterite substrate. This is my plan. I'd like
to know what people think.

The tank I want to convert has what I consider a moderate fish load.
Nitrates are currently 13 PPM and Phosphates are .1 . I have a substrate
of about 2.5". 

My plan is to add enough substrate to bring the depth up to 3" and add
balls of laterite. I would do a large water change, reduce the fish load
for the first couple of months, and continue to do aggressive water
changes. I will plant heavily with fast growing plants. 

I will be running 220 watts of light and CO2.

Does this make any sense, or am I heading for algae hell? 
Henry Hatch
Milford, Ma. 
hhatch at sprynet_com