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"green water" is gone!!!

I just had to tell someone.  I've been fighting a discouraging battle for
several weeks.

The algae bloom in my tank has disappeared.  The water is clear again.  I
think the algae was triggered when I upgraded the lights considerably.  Black
Brush Algae (BBA) immediately started trying to take over.  Then I was out of
town for a week and missed one water change.  When I got back, the BBA was
declining and almost gone, but the water was pea soup.

I was started about 30% to 75% water changes 5 or 6 times a week just to keep
up.  t may be a coincidence, but I took the cartridge out of my filter and
stuffed the filter box with polyester batting.  That day, the water did not
get any worse.  I started just vaccuming the sand instead of massive water
changes and rinsing out the batting every morning with hot tap water (I have 4
"bio chem stars" in the filter on top of the batting to supply wet/dry
biological filtration.  I never rinse those).  The batting should not be fine
enough to filter out "green water" algae, but apparently it doesn't know that.
Even though the water is clear now, the batting is bright green in the
mornings.  But it get less green every day.

In a few more days of rinsing the batting, I'm gonna replace it with fresh
batting and declare a victory.

Thanks for listening.

best regards, bob