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Re: Shelf-life of Flourish

It keeps well in the refrigerator. You know its breaking down if you get
stuff growing in it or there is a precipitate in the bottom. The
minerals don't leave the bottle, but they can change chemical forms if
bacteria grows on them or the chelating agent breaks down chemically.

Dave H. comments that you should "look to your plants" to determine the
proper iron level. My personal opinion is that most folks tend to over
fertilize with iron and that other symptoms are too easily confused with
a lack of iron. I think you all know my recommendation for providing
iron in the substrate so I won't repeat it again (today).

If you are dosing even a tiny amount of chelated Fe on a daily or weekly
basis, I think you will have more enough for your plants particularly if
you have an iron clay such as laterite or soil in the substrate. I have
conducted an experiment using ONLY substrate iron for months and have
not been able to observe any deficiencies nor to note and increase in
growth rates with the addition of chelated iron.