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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #637

Erik E. Krohg wrote, Nov. 10.

>.........Now to our question:
>As I was changing water for the first time yesterday, I noticed some
>tiny, white, worm-like creatures in the water, length about 0,5-1mm.
>Does anyone know what this is?

At that size they might be the ciliate protozoan, Spirostomum.  Their
presence indicates bacteria in the water, but not high concentrations of
bacteria.  Do you sometimes see clusters of them at the gravel surface?
>As we also already have been blessed with tiny baby snails 1-2mm, I
>wonder if there are any fish species that might eat them and also the
>worms for that matter?
Unless you have Columbian ramshorns, which are voracious plant eaters, I
wouldn't worry about the snails.  They can help keeping the glass  and
plant leaves clean.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississipp where a line of severe storms just
went by.