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Re: ph 6.4, kH 7.0 Whats going on?

>Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 23:15:50 PST
>From: "Colin Anderson" <colin_d_anderson at hotmail_com>
>I've been going through the FAQ's and other advice on the web and I 
>can't believe the results.  My general water chemistry is as follows:
>test    tap       tank
>gh      22        18     dH      Red Sea Labs kit
>kh      7         7      dH      Aquarium Pharm. kit
>pH      7.4       6.4            Wardley kit
>If I use the ph/kh/co2 charts on the krib I comes up with 70 ppm CO2.  
>This seems like a toxic level to fish to me.  However, the fish are 
>prospering and look great.  Also, this makes CO2 addition seem 
>absolutely wrong.  Is there any ideas out there on what could be 
>happening here.

I would suspect that the "KH" value is incorrect. "KH" test kits typically
test for alkalinity and then call it "KH". If carbonate hardness is the
only component of alkalinity in your water, then this is valid. If there
are other alkalinity producing agents in your water, such as phosphates,
then you will get a false high "KH" value and a false high CO2 number from
the charts. 

You might test for phosphates to see what you get. 

George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
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