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Plant Collecting in the Amazon

Hi folks,

Ever think you'd love to go poke around in the Amazon, but you're more
interested in plants than fish?  Charlene Nash, the aquatic botanist at the
Tennessee Aquarium is organizing an aquatic plant-oriented tour to the
Amazon Mar. 17-26 1999.  There are already a number of "plant nuts" signed
up to go including several from this list. Erik and Kathy Olson and I are
definitely going, and I think Dave Gomberg as well.  If you'd like more
details, you can contact me for basic information, or if you want detailed
information, contact Charlene Nash <ecn at tennis_org>

Oh, BTW, for those of us that do like to keep a few fish with our plants,
there _will_ be opportunities for some fishing as well.<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association