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Critters and Lilaeopsis

Our new tank has been running without fish for 4 weeks now and the
Lilaeopsis brasiliensis from Tropica seems to survive in soft water 
pH 6,5, new gravel 3-5mm and only Florapride from Tetra added as
prescribed. At least it has been growing some thin cuttings through the
gravel at some places. Time will show how it develops... The Rotala OTOH
has been growing 5cm's in two weeks so that one seems to be OK!

Now to our question:
As I was changing water for the firs time yesterday, I noticed some
tiny, white, worm-like creatures in the water, length about 0,5-1mm.
Does anyone know what this is? 

As we also already have been blessed with tiny baby snails 1-2mm, I
wonder if there are any fish species that might eat them and also the
worms for that matter?

Please comment!

Erik E. Krohg