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Vectrapoint Publishing wrote:
> >Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 08:40:35 +0800
> >To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
> >From: Vectrapoint Publishing <jl at vectrapoint_com>
> >Subject: Cost of Aqua Journal
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> >In reply to message forward by Dave Gomberg
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> >> Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 15:21:57 -0800
> >> From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
> >> Subject: Amano mag
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> >> >As u've mentioned,we think that the $100+ per year subs is a little
> >>high too.
> >> >But our reason for our CD pricing is that we see its perceived value to be
> >> >higher than a magazine and still priced it at around the magazine price.
> >> >And as for the "trouble" of its production,well,let's just say that u'd
> >> >have to KNOW this guy a little bit more and u'll know why he's usually
> >> >late! ;-) This has NOTHING to do with Amano's side whatsoever.They have no
> >> >control over this.
> We respect individuals have the right of their opinions to
> the price of our journal but we like to point out that the person who wrote
> that
> he felt the "price to be a little too high too" is probably one of our
> ex-investors.  I would bet my last dollar on the fact that they will
> advocate for
> higher pricing if they are still with us.
> We like to state here that the Aqua Journal, subscription
> of $99.50 for 12 issues, caters to only a specialised group of hobbyists
> and is printed on high quality stock paper, which has been award the Nordic
> Swan environment award using the most advance printing technology on the
> market place. Above all, the quality of information and photography.
> We have reasons to believe that most subscribers would consider the price
> justifiable and see the journal as a collectors' item rather than another
> magazine off the rack.
> As for our distribution, I believe our publisher has made it very clear in
> our press release that due the initial teething problems as with all new
> publications
> entering US market place and the unpredictable postal service of different
> country,
> there will invariably be a slight delay. We apologise on that part.
> To move on, we have good news for all Amano fans out there, we have just
> sign up with major distribution channels across USA and Canada, Aqua
> Journal will be made available this fall throughout 3650 bookstore and
> independant
> newsstand. Check out our WHERE TO BUY webpage for the closest store near you.
> Shipments are on its way. As for stock in other countries,  there are a few
> countries
> now available on a regular basis, currently working on distribution with
> 66 countries. We will try our best to make sure you get your copy as soon as
> possible
> Dr Caroline De Souza
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