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pH 6.4 kH 7

    test    tap       tank
    gh      22        18     dH      Red Sea Labs kit
    kh      7         7      dH      Aquarium Pharm. kit
    pH      7.4       6.4            Wardley kit
Thanks for the response Carlos, they've been pretty thin on this 
question.  I don't use any buffer up/down or sideways, also no peat, 
although I've considered it.  

What your telling me is that if my pH and kH are accurate, one of two 
things is happening.  First, I have 70ppm CO2, and all of my fish are on 
some sort of steroid and can live through this.  Or, Second, I've got 
some buffering which is not identified by these tests.  

My question that follows this is, what other buffering agents are out 
there besides the carbonates?  

Colin Anderson

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