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I wrote:
>> Personally, I use a product called "blackwrap" which is used in the
>> picture/photography field to mask out unwanted light leakage.  It is
>> basically a thick, strong, aluminum foil which is completely matte black.
>> It reflects absolutely no light and the background disappears, giving an
>> appearance of infinite size and contrasts with the green plants very

To all who have emailed me about this product:

We carry the blackwrap here for our clients (we do motion picture production
services).  The exact name of the brand we carry is Rosco Cinefoil. It goes
for $24.75 for either a 12" wide roll of 50' or a 24" wide roll of 25'.  I'd
have to charge you s/h, though, and you might find it cheaper in your
vicinity.  Try calling camera shops and motion picture equipment places in
your area. If all is fails, I'd be happy to sell it to you, of course :).