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ph 6.4, kH 7.0 Whats going on?

Hi Aquatic Chemists:

I've been going through the FAQ's and other advice on the web and I 
can't believe the results.  My general water chemistry is as follows:

test    tap       tank
gh      22        18     dH      Red Sea Labs kit
kh      7         7      dH      Aquarium Pharm. kit
pH      7.4       6.4            Wardley kit

If I use the ph/kh/co2 charts on the krib I comes up with 70 ppm CO2.  
This seems like a toxic level to fish to me.  However, the fish are 
prospering and look great.  Also, this makes CO2 addition seem 
absolutely wrong.  Is there any ideas out there on what could be 
happening here.

Is there someone out there with conditions like this so I may determine 
what may grow well here when I boost lighting levels and substrate 

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