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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #631

Hello Bob,

I don't know whether my experience is worth anything, but I have been
keeping an amphipod colony for about 6 months. They are about 1/4" long
and from a different source than you cite. I feed them mostly blanched
lettuce (no Anacharis) and they do multiply, but not enough to make it
worthwhile as a fishfood staple. Perhaps my conditions are not to their

In a *densely* planted tank some might survive and reproduce. I would
consider that an ideal situation -- any scud venturing into the open
water will become a snack to some fish  :-)) (Do your fish smile? My
Blue Gularis definitely smiles when he swallows a worm!)



Does anyone have any experience with amphipods as a live food for fish?  
The website that is offering cultures of these critters says that they 
feed on Anacharis--my concern is that they food would turn into an 
infestation in the fish tank, and the menu would include plants other 
than anacharis.

Bob Sumner

The url where they are offered is: