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Whether or not Amo(sp) would rather be in the Amazon or if he is controlling
the rights to his name is irrelevant.  The idea of a deodorizer and a scent
being packages in a co2 fertilizer is really weird.  The "Brightly" products
are strange too.  The whole thing is reminiscent of Slick 50 engine oil
additive,  the company won't tell you what the magic additive is (its
shredded plastic or Teflon) so as to preserve its "magic" properties.  The
infomercial postings on this list by ADA America or whatever it was about a
year ago also put a bad taste in my mouth (you'll recall the so called
journalistic review?).

As always if you're getting results with the ADA products for a price you
can afford, super.  If there are elements to the system that add value to
your particular situation, well, fine. If I seem terse, hey, my cat knocked
over the video camera and now I have to repair that.

If Amo(sp)'s  car had a flat in front of my house would I help him fix it?
You bet.  Will I ever buy his products?  No.