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Plant Emergency

Hi Everyone,

Last week a disaster happened in my fish tank, and it has affected the plants.
A house-sitter decided to make the fish tank all nice and pretty for when I
came home, and took a new 3M scrubber-type sponge and cleaned the algae off
the inside of the glass.  She says that within an hour all the fish were dead.
At first, the plants looked a little damaged, but even after a complete water
change, they have continued to deteriorate.  The E. osiris has lost a lot of
cloryphyll, the apon seems to be wilting, the crypts are turning yellow and
wilting, the water sprite is losing clorphyll also.  I get the digest version
of this list (and don't know how to have a regular subscription), so personal
email will be much appreciated.  Does anyone have any idea if anything can be
done to save the plants?  It's the weekend and I can't contact 3M's consumer
products division.  On the plastic wrap there is a note that says, "Not for
aquarium use."  However, it's not specific.