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Re: Kelvin and Plants

>I currently have a 10,000K 175W MH lamp over a 65 gallon tank.  The color
>rendition is beautiful, but I'm not getting the lush growth that I think is
>possible.  I suppose it's possible that the plants "think" they are under a
>lot more water because of the bluish light.  The cabomba is flowering 
>so at least that plant likes it.  I recently tried a 5500K Venture lamp.  
>Ugly Ugly.  The CRI is 75 and the the colors are terrible.  WAY too much
>yellow, particularly since I am used to the other light.  The cardinal tetras
>turned green and orange.  It is now on it's way back to be exchanged for a
>6500K lamp.  More to come.....

Hello Tom,
You will have the best results in plants growth when using a 6500K lamp 
or tube. If you currently use fluorescent tubes, I can suggest you to use 
the OSRAM Biolux tube. 6500K (just the same as the Sun) and CRI = 97. 
More : This tubes has UVa and UVb better dispensed as those from the Sun. 
All plants and fishes have their brilliant true colors, and the UV make 
that fishes can build their own vitamin "K". 

Some fishes, such as Discus, come into the Biolux light, and don't seem 
to be so timid.

The plants can grow idealy in heighth and width. The photosynthesis is 
absolutely perfect!
The only thing that could be seen as negative is that when water is a 
little bit colored, the Biolux shows it... But when an aquarium is well 
maintained, with water changes and so on... the aquarium is fantastic... 

To have the best lighting with the Biolux in a fresh water aquarium, you 
should use a certain number of tubes so that you obtain from 30 to 35 
lumen per liter... I could give you some more info if you whish.

The Biolux by OSRAM is really cheap !

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