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In Defence of Vectrapoint

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> >As u've mentioned,we think that the $100+ per year subs is a little high too.
> >But our reason for our CD pricing is that we see its perceived value to be
> >higher than a magazine and still priced it at around the magazine price.
> >And as for the "trouble" of its production,well,let's just say that u'd
> >have to KNOW this guy a little bit more and u'll know why he's usually
> >late! ;-) This has NOTHING to do with Amano's side whatsoever.They have no
> >control over this.
> >
> >How do i know so much? Well,i was to be in the venture with Vectrapoint
> >last year when we all went to Japan to work out this deal with Amano.
> >>From our 1 week stay there in Japan,i "got to know" Vectrapoint a little
> >better. Ever get that type of gut feeling that something's not right? Well
> >i felt it then ;-)
> >
> >In any case,we were in the midst of seeking rights to publish/translate a
> >few of Amano's other articles for our CD when we got a "legal threat" from
> >Vectrapoint against doing it! :-P
> >Which is of no basis at all as we were talking to Amano and seeking rights
> >for his Japanese articles,in the first place. And we were looking to even
> >be able to advertise the AquaJournal in our CD! :-P...*sigh*..it's a sad
> >story anyway...won't bore u any further. ;-)

James Lim, the publisher of the Aqua Journal is a good friend of mine
although I really don't like to get involved in this talk about gut
and magazine/CD rom prices, I feel that I should stick my neck
out and say some things in defence of Vectrapoint.

James did tell me a few months ago that he was having teething problems
with the distribution network in the US of A.  But I believed that's all
solved now and subscribers there should be getting the second volume
pretty soon.  Subscribers in Singapore have already got theirs about a
month ago.
James is NOT a cheat and I'm not saying this just basing on gut

As for the price of the Aqua Journal which someone said he felt was a
too high too, let me just say that I'm sure he wouldn't feel the same
if he is still part of the venture with Amano.  

Loh K L