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Re: Glossostigma vs. Lilaeopsis

Steven T. Dix0n wrote....

>Can anyone say whether it is GH rather than KH that appears to be
>important, the other way around, or both?

No idea.

>So far, we have two reports of good lilaeopsis growth in soft water.  I
>didn't see any magic bullet condition other than David's mention of
>using very fine gravel. 

2 to 3 mm diameter gravel

>There has also been some speculation that one
>or more species or varieties of lilaeopsis may tolerate soft water
>better than the others.  I don't have my books here at work (so this may
>be a little sloppy), but I know there is a Brazilian species
>(brasiliensis?) and New Zealand species.  Can David and Roger (and any
>others successfully growing Lilaeopsis in soft water) give us their best
>guess regarding species or variety?

I believe that it was a Horizon Growers product in rock wool,
purchased about three years ago. What do they sell? Their labels
are pretty general.

It grew well for 18 months in the conditions I described previously.
That tank was broken down. I've had less luck trying to establish
it in other tanks, especially where there is competition for the

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca