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Re: Glosso & light

Comparing the growth of my Lilaeopsis and Marsilea, both of these seem
to grow much better with a better substrate, that is a little bit of
soil/clay rather than more sand. I have two tanks and one of them has a
much more sandy substrate with more gravel on top. This was my low
fertility substrate designed to supply iron and micronutrients.

Dave H asked about which lights are better, 4000K or 5000K. I've
compared 4300K and 5000K MH lamps and there's not a noticeable
difference in the colours of the plants. The 5000K lamp "seems" brighter
but I bet the lower temp light is just as effective or more effective at
providing the correct light for growing plants. I remember Dave telling
me that a red light photon and a blue light photon are equal when it
comes to photosynthesis. A blue photon has more energy so it takes more
energy to produce blue light but you don't get a big pay off. That's the
reason that incandescent lamps actually work well for growing plants.
People often say they are not effective because they are less efficient
but really, they are producing a more redder and wider spectrum. They
make up for it partly by being good for growing plants. I think Neil and
some of the other old time (sorry Neil ;-) plant growers have remarked
that they used to use incandescent bulbs quite effectively before they
"knew better".
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