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Amano's Stuff

Kelly wrote: >>> Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Amano
books.  I think I may become a disciple - without buying their products,
at least those Daisy BB cartridges of CO2.  What a waste.>>>
There's another point to be made here.  If you've been to Japan and were
lucky enough to be invited to someone's home, then you know that most
Japanese homes are quite cramped for space.  Japanese homes could no
more hold 20# cylinders of CO2 with big Victor regulators than they
could hold American sized refrigerators, washers or dryers.  It's an
absurd thought on its face! <g>  
So when someone wrote the other day that they got three months out of
one of Amano's cylinders, I thought, fair enough.  And remember that
most Japanese Nature Aquariums are going to be fairly small, and the CO2
setup is likely to be "on display" in the home- so it should come as no
surprise that CO2 systems are downsized and made attractive in Japan.
Virtually everything in Japan is turned into an art form one way or
another.  I suspect that Japanese aquarists would be quite repulsed by
the beat up old 10# beer cylinders and other wretched junk many of us
APDers use in the hobby-so I for one would not throw the first stone on
the point.  There really are a wide variety of ways to approach this
hobby and none of us need take any offense.  Live and let live.
Regards, Steve Dixon