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Re: Glossostigma .vs. Lillaeopsis

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Steve Dixon wrote:


> Can anyone say whether it is GH rather than KH that appears to be
> important, the other way around, or both?

My tap water carries 1-2 degrees GH and hardness in the tank varies a
little above or below (!) that, depending I think on what the snail
population is up to.  Alkalinity is 7 degrees or higher, so if high values
of either of these is important to lilleaopsis, then probably it's the
alkalinity, not the general hardness that makes the difference.  Or
perhaps it's the salinity of the water that makes the difference?

> So far, we have two reports of good lilaeopsis growth in soft water.  I
> didn't see any magic bullet condition other than David's mention of
> using very fine gravel.  There has also been some speculation that one
> or more species or varieties of lilaeopsis may tolerate soft water
> better than the others.  I don't have my books here at work (so this may
> be a little sloppy), but I know there is a Brazilian species
> (brasiliensis?) and New Zealand species.  Can David and Roger (and any
> others successfully growing Lilaeopsis in soft water) give us their best
> guess regarding species or variety?

I've always assumed it was L. nova zealandia.  The leaves are typically
about 1 1/2 inches long, shorter under brighter light and longer in dimmer

Does anyone want to suggest reasons why a plant would prefer fresh soft
water over equally fresh hard water?  I can see why plants would prefer
hard water (calcium and magnesium being essential nutrients) but I don't
understand why a plant would prefer soft water.

Roger Miller