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Re: hornwort's allelopathic behavior

Drew wrote:
>My suspicion...is that Hornwort (though it may
tolerate a range of hardnesses) thrives in hard water.<

As usual, when you try to establish a hard and fast rule in this hobby, it
falls apart in minutes :-).

I use RO/DI water which is "rebuilt" with Recon 50 to a GH of around 4 and a
kH of about 5, and I have to pull out a handful of hornwort with every water
change (twice a week).  If I don't, it soon monopolizes the upper quad of
the tank, and cuts off the light.  I have noticed a slow down (though
certainly no stoppage) in its growth as the tank it is in ages.  During the
first 8 months or so, it grew at a horrendous rate, now it's just mildly
annoying :-).