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RE: killing fish - was dying fish

I agree with OLGA, about 10 years ago I had a long lived Oscar, 11" in
length.  When moving into a new apartment, I grew a little neglectful and
left him in a five gallon bucket for a few days.  I'm quite embarrassed to
even recall it.  He quickly developed severe lesions on his head and body.
While racing to set up the 55gal tank I shattered the glass.  Knowing I
would not have a place for him soon, I decided the humane thing to do was to
put him out of his misery.  I consulted a vet and he prescribed placing him
in the freezer.  It was approx. -15 degF that day, so I placed him on the
back deck.  He never flinched.  Just passed away.
Haven't kept large fish since.  They are a huge bio load and tough on