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Where do you draw the lines on hard/soft water

     A recent statement by Karen Randall has left me unable to go 
without a good answer to this question.  She said that Lilaeopsis was a 
great substitute for gloss.. which was only good in the 'softer' waters.  
This is great information but to a relative newbie like myself it leaves 
a gaping question!

     So, the question is what is considered the middle of the line, 4, 
6, 8 degrees kh?  What would very hard be?  I've deduced extremely soft 
may be 0 deg. - pretty good start isn't it!  

An important issue in this is not to have a relative answer.  A lot of 
what I see on the list and even in books is relative(or severely biased) 
to the region we live in.  Thus whats good for the goose of often not 
good for the gander--that is without taking all factors into 
consideration(something a newbie's not good at).

I'll gladly summarise everyone's 'votes' on this issue, the more 
responses I receive the better our averaging should be!

While I'm at it, I'd like to know just how dependable the kh/ph/co2 
curve is.  I've seen disclaimers on FAQ's and articles citing test kit 
accuracy, gh-kh relationships and other 'its tough to put your finger on 
it' evidence.  

Does anyone have any resounding experience with the kH/pH/CO2 
curve--tales from the kH crypt?

Thanks in advance,

Colin Anderson

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