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Re: Oto Cats

	I have kept otos at home in my 29 gallon tanks without much
luck-they usually died. I have a tiny tank here at work-a 5 1/2 gallon
with 3 of them in it-I've had them about 6 months with no problems.

	I suspect Nitrates may be the culprit-that's with an A. My tanks
at home usually have a high nitrate level. I change a gallon a week in my
tiny tank and give the water away for folks to use on their terrestrial
office plants. While I haven't measured-with that high of a percentage of
water change-I suspect that the nitrate level is pretty low. You might
want to check that.  

	Its a symbiotic relationship-the office plants love the tank
water-the aquatic plants, betta, and otos love the water change. Once
everyone's office plants are hooked on the water-maybe I will start
charging them for it. LOL.

       Gerry Skau
       ANS BigDial Engineering

       "Clever policy consists in making nations believe they are free."
       Napoleon Bonaparte