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Well, when you get older the days all look alike.  Please excuse the
earlier, confusing state of this post.
If you want 6 SAEs (about 2-2.5" long) for $50, 12 for $75, I am gonna try
it.   I am limiting it to four buyers.  Price includes next day air, you
must give an address where you can receive them at 10-11AM on the following
Friday (and change the air and keep them warm and add aged water).  They
will be shipped in about 3 cups of water with Amquel.   They should be
fine.  Call 415-731-7793 between 9:30AM and 11:30AM (Pacific Time) on
Tuesday to order.  You must return the shipping box ($3).    After this
shipment goes well I may try to experiment with two day service which will
save about $10, but at some risk to the fish.