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Wright Huntley wrote:

>I think I found out why mine never did well. Most of my plants are in
>moderate-to-hard water. Glossostigma seems to flourish across the bay in
>SF ultra-soft water. It looks like it just does not like harder water.
>Any confirmation for this observation?

Absolutely!  But if your water is too hard for Glossostigma, it's probably
just right for Lilaeopsis.  Steve Pushak just gave me a small start of a
Marsillea that he says is more adaptable than either Glossostigma or
Lilaeopsis, but I still have it in a propagation tray on a windowsill, so I
can't say much about it under tank conditions.  If it grows well in
slightly harder water it will give close to the same look as Glossostigma.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association