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ADA / Dying fish

Still, I have to say I'd rather havethe fishtank smell.  At least I know
whats going on in there.  It seems is if ADA is trying to mask symptoms that
could be indcators of root problems.  If you don't know what these problems
are how can you correct them?  I have a tendancy to be kind of harsh right
out of the gate.  The ADA philosophy makes no sense to me.  The whole "pine
forest" thing just seems biazzar to me and kind of dangerous.  Wouldn't it
be better to deoderise the room?

Another method of destroying doomed fish. Put a little aquarium water in the
sink with the stopper in.  Add one doomed fish. Turn on disposal. Remove
stopper.  Way more quick and humane than even the butchet knife.  Little
fish, like tetras can be poured in from a glass