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Planted tank startup assurance

Greetings from Norway, IT'S SNOWING TODAY!

Well, it's up and running now, my planted tank - filled it up 9 days ago.

I'm located in Norway, and water here is fairly soft - dH close to zero actually.
Gravel is 2-3 mm in size, pH and dH neutral. Laterite in the bottom third, 50W heating coils.
106 W fluorescent light, Sylvana Grolux + some warm white. Tank size is 110 gallons.

pH is 7.5 :( Waiting for CO2 to pick up.
KH 3 to 4 
NO3- < 12 mg/L, more than zero

Phosfates, iron etc unknown

Added 60 mL PMDD, without trace elements, so I added 50 mL Tropica Mastergrow to get those in there.
2 x 1.5 ltr yeast bottles connected to intake on my eheim canister filter. I'm waiting for them to really start bubbling.

Fishload is 1 Ancistrus + 2 Scalare, really low actually - and I plan on keeping it like that for a while.

So far:
Nothing really happened the first days, but then most plants started going, my "amazon swords" has developed 2-3 new leaves each the last few days that typically grows 1-2 cm's a day, my "unknown stem-plant with 2mm wide 1 cm long leaves that grows out from the stem in a star" grows 5 cm's a day.
My Bacopas showed reddish leaves, thats when I started with PMDD - maybe it's missing something?
There was some algae on some plants when starting up, and some of them are thriving, but so are most plants - so I'm not worrying about it yet.
Except maybe on the Cabombas, brown stuff at the ends of "fingers", especially underneath the warmwhite bulb...

Most plants start bubbling when lighted :) Alot!

Has anyone "balanced" PMDD against Tropica masterGrow? N/K/Fe/Mg? I have a hole in my bank-account.. so irontests is put off for some weeks..

1 Tsp of KNO3 -> 300mL of water, teaspoons is a practical unit of measurement whan mixing it up... but what is the resulting ppm of NO3?

I guess I don't need to ask if the warmwhite should be replaced.. If it weren't for that hole..

Am I doing this fairly right? Tips will be appreciated :)