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mpga url

Hi, I posted a message a while ago about the mpga electronics url. My
spellchecker "fixed" it for me by changing it to mega electronics. Anyway,
thanks to everyone who sent me the mega electronics url but I really need the
mpga one. If you can help thanks.

BTW, I posted a message last weekend about a dying fish. I asked whether I
should flush him or let him try to recover. First, I guess I wasn't thinking.
I _did_ mean flush him :( I suppose I didn't give much thought to how to kill
the fish because I thought there was just one way...flushing. Thanks for all
of the responses you guys sent me. I don't think I'll need it anymore. The
fish survived. His fins are still pretty messed up and ragged, and his color
is still very burnt looking. But his eyes aren't shriveled up anymore. He
still doesn't move very much, and when he does move, it's in a mad dash to get
the heck away from me. He's very paranoid. I suspect near full physical
recovery in maybe a month. His fins probably won't ever look the same again.
He'll probably be paranoid for about as long. I'm going to try and introduce
some more Cory's into the _dechloraminated_ water to try and coax him into
more fish-like, behavior. I named him Rocky V cause he's a survivor. Made my
day just writing about it. Thanks again for all the responses.

Dan P

"Nobody ever remembers the sleep!"