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Hair Algae / Ameca Splendens

My 125 gal tank plant / community tank which I set up 10 weeks ago with
assistance from this List is doing well but has developed some
significant hair algae.  I've sent off for a phosphate test kit, and I
read in the Krib that Ameca Splendens is a possible solution since it
eats hair algae, green spot algae and blue-green algae.  The only
problem is I don't know where to find some.  Does anyone know where I
might buy some of these fish, preferably in the LA / Orange County area?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what else to try to combat
hair algae, which is growing mainly on Cryp Willissii and Amazon
Swords.  Hygros, Cabomba and Indian Fern (?) are relatively unaffected.
I read in Pet Warehouse's catalog that it is possible to buy Phosphate
Filter Pads with Red and Hair Algae Inhibitor from Precision Aquarium.
Does anyone have any experience of this product?

Thanks for your help

Peter Elson