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Questions on my first plants....

Hi all, I finally got some plants at the LFS today, and I have some
questions....  First, do you have any info I could use on Rosette Swords
(Echinoduras parviflorus v. Tropica), Java Moss, or Radican Swords
(Echinodorus cordifolfus)?  I also got another one that I don't know the
name of, maybe you can help me.  It is short and has fairly thin leaves. 
It looks like the Rosette Sword except with thinner leaves.  I'm afraid it
looks kinda fragile...  Any ideas on what it could be?  Another question...
 I have the plants in a heavily stocked 10 gallon.  It has pH of 7.5 and
temp of 78 F.  I am just using gravel for substrate, is this ok?  Oh yeah,
it has 5 watts of light per gallon (I know, nice and bright =) ).  Do I
need some kind of fertilizer?  Also, will a Mystery Snail eat these plants?
 I moved him to another tank just in case.  Oh, and I have the Java Moss on
top of a real great rock I bought.  Do I need to tie it down, and if so,
how long til it takes root?  Umm, think that's it, thanks in advance for
all the great advice I know I'll get.  =)

 Testarossa at Cheerful_com
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