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Re: Quarter Inch Gravel for Glossostigma

>IMHO (in my humble opinion), you will have a hard time getting Glossostigma
>elatinoides to grow in quarter inch gravel.  It's not a matter of how much
>growth you are going to lose, it's whether or not it will grow at all, or
>just wither and die.  In my tank, I created a pocket of fine (2-3 mm)
>gravel, surrounded by 5-8 mm gravel.  The Glossostigma spread and filled in
>the area of fine gravel, then stopped and just grew vertically.  It did not
>penetrate the coarse gravel at all.  I have used this fact to help
>landscape my tank, creating interesting sculptures of Glossostigma.

How much light did you use??

And how deep was the tank??

I have tried growing them a few times, but they always just die
( Everything else grows fine. Including Echinodorus Tennelus, which
to www.tropica.dk needs the same amount of light.

Hope you can help me.

With many thanks

Soren 'Disky' Petersen

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