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Algae-eating fish

I'd like to compare some notes on common algae-eating fish for the planted
tank, and invite people to make comments and fill in the blanks.

SAE: great on green thread and black brush algae; might be a little
aggressive at adult size.

Jordanella floridae (american flagfish): eats green hair algae (did a great
job in my tank); a nifty but territorial, cichlid-like fin nipper that's no
friend to rainbowfish.

otos: good for blue-green algae, brown diatomic algae (basically your side
of the glass algaes). Gentle to plants.

bristlenose plecos: good for side-of-the-glass algae, but to hard on some
plants (?)

farrowellas: ???


Stephen Boulet, Grayslake, IL, USA
spboulet at enteract dot com