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Amo = Weirdo

From:	BUFF HARSH <footwork at earthlink_net>
Subject:	Keep on Cycling

Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
President, Allanti Cycling Club    wrote:

"Obviously he (Amano) doesn't know what he's doing."
Hmmm....   mabey you should wait till you get your Nature Aquarium books
before you pass judgment on Amano's understanding of  "what he's doing." And
no, his tanks are not set up just for a picture and then torn down, sorry to
dissappoint you.
Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I'm pretty sure the little (5 gram?) useless
co2 canisters Amo sells disinfectant (?!?!) and Pine Forrest Scent?  What
the hell, exactly, is going on here.  What tropical fish live in a
disinfected pine forest?  And is Amo just a nice plant arranger is  he an
aquariest?  Given $4000 dollars worth of plants I could make a mackin'
display for a photo shoot too.  Does he make books or actual aquariums to
live with.  I've always hated this "just add this mystery liquid" approach
and have generally found this type of product to be the refuge of charlatans
and thieves.  Most of this stuff is like crack, it makes things better for a
little while, but addresses none of the underlying issues; therefore the
system eventually crashes.   Amos approach may work but tying to achieve CO2
balance  with those little buggers is going to be a costly, time consuming
endeavor.  You'd be better off to go dupla in my book who at least make some
effort to provide a quasi scientific, if expensive, rational to their
product.  Pine forest my foot.