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Re: Co2 injection worthwhile in THIS case?


I have a red sea kit that I bought (bad mistake!) that includes co2 and
Fe.  At the time I was inexperienced and ignorant :) oh and it was
fairly affordable.  My next kit will be a much better one :)  I
currently use 2 methods to check myself, 1 is the red sea kit and the
other is the Kh and PH chart, they seem fairly consistant.  I do realize
that the co2 kit isn't that accurate, nor is the Kh kit as the yellowish
color is a bit hard to see.  I have been monitoring the co2 on and off
for about 2 months now.

The PH stays around 6.8-7.0  and the Kh is about 2-3,  according to the
charts the co2 is about 9-13 and measured it is about that.  Don't know
if it makes a difference but it's a 20L in a somewhat confined space
with a whisper wet/dry filter (wdf 4000, designed for 30-60g tanks),
dual trichromatic full spectrum bulbs (with reflectors) both on a
seperate $4 analog timer for on/off control, no heater (none needed) and
a mixture of the lfs special sale on gravel and florite, also have a few
drops of ironite in there,  I fertilize with some 20-20-20 (little bit)
on a partial water change (hardly never anymore), duplaplant24 and this
stuff called plantgro by floracare (ocassionally alternate w/
kentsfreshwater plant) and florite liquid.  As for livestock I have 4
neon tetras, 4 black phantom tetras, 1 chinese butterfly loach, a ton of
trumpet snails, about 10ish ghost shrimp, and about 10 species of plants
in the tank (would consider it moderately planted)

My original concern stemed over this, if i'm getting 'marginal' readings
on the co2 scale then it may not be feasible nor practical to use co2

thanks for your time,


p.s. Yes I did read your url on co2, that's what got me wondering this


How do you measure CO2? If you use the pH/KH/CO2 charts, there are many
caveats (as in, they may not work in your case). If you use a cheap CO2
test kit, there are still a few caveats. If you use a good CO2 test kit
(Lamotte, Hach), there are maybe only one or two a few caveats.

So, how do you measure CO2? If you're NOT injecting CO2, 9-14 ppm sounds
tad high. Not impossible, mind you, but kinda unlikely. See the CO2 info
my web site for more details.

>Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 22:51:17 -0500
>From: BlackNet Runner <br at ldl_net>
>I have an interesting problem at hame.  Have been looking at the
>co2 systems and started monitoring the co2 levels in my 20 gallon tank,

>which stays around 9-14 ppm.  From what I have been reading anything
>from 10-20 seems ideal range.  My concern is is it worth spending $400
>for a co2 setup in this case?