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Re: Aquarium Driftwood

>>>>> "e" == ernesth  <ernesth at infi_net> writes:
e> Anyone have any experience dealing with "Aquarium Driftwood" in Alabama? 
e> Their web site can be accessed at:  
e> http://www9.pair.com/aqwood/woodlist.htm

I've ordered driftwood twice from Aquarium Driftwood. I was very
pleased both times. Everything they say on the web page is true. It's
a small operation (a woman runs it out of her house). You can call her
and explain what you are looking for and she will do her best to find
pieces to match up.

I haven't ordered their plants so I can't comment, but I would not
hesitate to order driftwood from them.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
Tim Ayers                                        tayers at bridge_com
St. Paul, Minnesota
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