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CO2 night flow

Hey everybody
        I'm trying to figure out CO2 systems, I've been to many web pages
and read them but still have one question.
        At night the plants stop absorbing CO2 and begin to release CO2
with normal cellular activity. At this point they are also using O2. This
means that at night the CO2 in your tank is going up, with respiration from
fish and the added CO2 and O2 levels are going down. So my PH drops every
        What does this mean about the day to night stress on the fish. I
know they are not as important as the plants but I kind of like them too.
        My solution is not to run a filter during the day and just let CO2
be injected. Then at night run a filter that agitates the water. This would
bring down the amount of CO2 in the water and raise the O2.
        My question is, do you think this is nessesary, or do I just ignore
the night time change and see what happens.

Matt Estep
Smiley21 at boone_net
828 264 3756

        O  O