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Re: Hydrotriche, Protein Skimmer (APD V3 #619)

tsuh yang wrote :
> just saw these for sale at a shop ($5,99), but every book tells me this is a
> tricky plant to grow.  does anyone grow this rarity?

I have some of Hydrotriche hottoniiflora growing in my open top tank and
they flowered once ( nice small white-yellow flowers ). After flowering,
the leaves changed from green to brown color as if they died ( old
leaves are still intact ) and new stems developed. It seems that they
like strong lighting ( growing directly under my MV ). Water parameter
are 2 GH, 1 KH, pH 6.8, temp. 28 C ( ~ 82 F ).
IMO, not very difficult to grow.

J Miller wrote :
> > Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 07:42:52 -0600
> > From: "Beard, Kelly" <KBeard at comdata_com>
> > Subject: Protein Skimmers
> >
> > I am curious about protein skimmers that are used in the marine-end of the
> > hobby.  I understand that they collect dissolved waste in the water before
> > bacteria get a chance to break it all down to nitrates.  Why aren't these
> > used in the freshwater hobby more?  I'd like to try one on my 75 gallon, but
> > if it causes significant CO2 loss, well then...
> >
> > Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
> > President, Allanti Cycling Club - http://www.allanti.com
> > I/T, IBM Global Services
>   Protien skimmers don't work in fresh water because there isn't enough
> dessolved minerals in the water.  In salt water tanks, the skimmer creates a
> foam which is where the organics are removed to and this foam is then
> replaced, usually ever other day.
I read somewhere in the Krib that protein skimmer can be used to clear
green water by collecting the unicellular algae. Perhaps it can also be
used to collect other suspended solids such as clay particles, etc. I
saw some brownish foam on my tank side where the bubbles from my CO2
diffuser float. Unfortunately, I don't own a protein skimmer to
experiment with.

Reza Alamsyah
Jakarta, Indonesia