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Re: Water Changes & Otocinclus vs SAEs & Black Brush algae Hell

Steve Dixon wrote:
> Subject: Water Changes
> And even though I find Amano's materials rather weak in the science
> area, I continue to suspect that experience has taught him to
> 50% water changes weekly.  Because I've made water changing easy, I
> change 30% - 40% weekly with good results, in fact slightly better
> results than when I changed less water.  

OK. So don't hold us in suspense. How is it you've made water changing
easy? If it were easy, I suspect more us of would do it more often,
and likely have fewer problems. :-)

> ------------------------------

William Bennett wrote:
> Subject: Otocinclus vs SAEs

> I have not (like a lot of others, I guess) been able to get SAEs in my
> area or thru known mail order. What I would like to get some
feedback on is
> how people feel Otocinclus do as a substitute for SAEs. I have them
> they seem to be doing a dandy job gobbling up algae on plants, glass,
> and/or gravel. They are friendly and interesting to watch. How would
> be better?

IMHO, Otocinclus are not a substitute for SAEs. They fulfill similar
but different roles. Both are algae eaters. Otocinclus eat most of
the algae commonly occurring in our tanks, however, they will not
touch Black Brush Algae. SAEs are not as general of an algae eater
as Otocinclus, at least, in my experience. However, SAEs are the
most exceptional consumers of Black Brush Algae I have yet encountered.

> ------------------------------

Kelly Beard wrote:
> Subject: Black Brush algae Hell
> In my 75 gallon, I'm going through the algae-break-in period,
despite having
> 3 Oto affinis, 1 Oto flexilus, and 1 "false" (dammit) SAE.  

And you wonder why you have Black Brush Algae when you admit that
you don't have any SAE?  ;-)

> But the problem is black brush algae growing on the outer edges of
the Sword
> and Longifolia plants.

You call this Hell? This is but a mild initial case of BBA. Wait a
while. When it covers everything, that is Hell.
>                          Real SAEs are hard to come by, so I may
have to
> resort to mail-order fish, which I've never done before.  

And this is a problem, why? If you need a testimonial, I'll bite.
I had BBA. I had BBA Hell. I mail ordered SAEs from Albany Aquarium.
Within two to three weeks, the BBA had pretty much disappeared. I
had GREEN plants, instead of BLACK coated plants. This is especially
significant on slower growing plants, such as Anubias sp.

>                                                           Pulling
the stuff
> off doesn't seem to keep it from coming back.  

You're correct. I don't recall anyone ever advocating that approach.

>                                                 Being an
> instant-gratification kinda guy I may try some sailfin or black

I tried this, too. Just not effective. Please, for your own sanity
and enhanced enjoyment of this hobby, go find some real SAEs. Even
if you have to mail order them. If you can't find them, let me know.
My LFS now carries them, from time to time. I might be willing to
acquire some and ship them to you.

> I'm not asking any question in particular, but make whatever
comments you
> like.

This is the only reason that I ranted so much. Thank you for
giving me an excuse. :-))))

Eric Deese   Columbus, Ohio

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