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driftwood and black algae

 ernesth <ernesth at infi_net> wrote:
>Subject: Aquarium Driftwood
>Anyone have any experience dealing with "Aquarium Driftwood" in Alabama?
>Their web site can be accessed at:
>They talk a good game on the web, but mailordering from a new place is
>always a crap shoot.  Please let me know what your eperiences are.

I've heard nothing but good things about these guys. I ordered driftwood
from them via e-mail and chatting on the phone. (They're actually a
couple...she runs the business while he goes out collecting driftwood from
the swamps.) They shipped the driftwood right away and it was good stuff.
Only thing wrong was that the packaging of it wasn't very good and one big
hollow piece arrived in three pieces. It did come all the way over to
Washington state though and was very big and quite fragile. I could still
use the pieces okay. The other piece I ordered was excellent and arrived in
great shape. As long as you are ordering regular chunky driftwood I'm sure
you will have no problem. It doesn't discolour the water either...but you
must keep it wet. If it dries out it will float.

in Vancouver

"Beard, Kelly" wrote:
>Subject: Black Brush algae Hell


>I fertilize with Duplaplant tablets at water change, and Dupla drops (3
>drops a day).  I didn't have time to measure iron today (got a LaMotte kit
>for that), but the last time it was close to .2ppm.  This tank is CO2
>injected, of course, 220 watts of VHO URI AquaSuns.

Sounds like your iron is too high. George Booth has informed me that the
plant tablets are very high in iron and one shouldn't start adding the
drops for a few days after adding the tablets.

Are the plants with the algae in the water flow? That kind of algae seems
to like current quite well.

Don't worry about it too much. Algae comes and algae goes. However, SAEs
*will* keep it in control just fine. Good luck.

in Vancouver