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Kelly Beard wrote:  >>> One the Krib there is a report (by someone on
the list if I'm correct) of the effects of activated carbon and trace
elements (iron, etc.).  The graph plainly shows a reduction of these
nutrients by carbon over a short period of time.
I bought a copy of Tropical Fish Hobbyist and Amano has an article (with
accompanying adverts) about ferns.  In the data on the tank he notes
that activated carbon is used, for water clarity I imagine.
So, does he know something we don't, or does he not know what we know,
OR are his tanks not meant for long term use and are only constructed to
take a pretty picture and then be torn down?  BTW, I ordered Nature
Aquarium World 1 & 3 from my LFS for a steal.
He needs to get on this list.  Obviously he doesn't know what he's

Amano probably does know what he's doing, but no, he doesn't know
anything we don't know.  Vol. 34 of Amano's Aqua Journal (the current
issue) addresses the issue specifically.  He acknowledges that the
carbon pulls out nutrients initially (probably a good thing, especially
if he gives the plants a full dose of nutrients early on) but goes on to
say this effect lasts only a few weeks after which the carbon is acting
mainly as a biofilter in the tank.

Many of Amano's tanks are long term.  You'll see him talking about 5
year projects when your books arrive.

Regards, Steve Dixon