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Re: Quarter Inch Gravel for Glossostigma

>Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 23:38:24 EST
>From: Cbbgthdr at aol_com
>Subject: Quarter Inch Gravel for Glossostigma
>According to the archives, Glossostigma elatinoides needs fine substrate (2-3
>mm) to grow best. The thing is I _really_ like the way quarter inch Mexican
>pebble sand looks in my tanks and I'm willing to sacrifice some growth if it
>means a better looking tank. How much growth am I going to lose. 
>Thanks in advance for all the help I know I'll get. One last thing, what does
>IMHO mean.

IMHO (in my humble opinion), you will have a hard time getting Glossostigma
elatinoides to grow in quarter inch gravel.  It's not a matter of how much
growth you are going to lose, it's whether or not it will grow at all, or
just wither and die.  In my tank, I created a pocket of fine (2-3 mm)
gravel, surrounded by 5-8 mm gravel.  The Glossostigma spread and filled in
the area of fine gravel, then stopped and just grew vertically.  It did not
penetrate the coarse gravel at all.  I have used this fact to help
landscape my tank, creating interesting sculptures of Glossostigma.

BTW (by the way), YMMV (your mileage may vary), under different water
conditions, perhaps you can get it to grow.


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