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Black substrate

Alberto wrote:

>>information before take the work to empty the tank and change the
>>substrate, ohh, my lighting is 2 15w flourecent bulbs, and 2 25W
>>incandecent bulbs, hope you help me soon..

Sorry Alberto but do you know the water conditions? Is your water hard or
soft? Do you have test kits to measure pH, hardness, iron etc.?

Do you have carbon in your filter?

As you only have a 20 gallon tank and are not using carbon dioxide I would
suggest getting rid of the incadescent lights and only using the
flourescents. High light and CO2 should go together. Without CO2 30 watts
of flourescent should be enough.

Also, as this is a small tank it might be better to take that substrate out
and start over using something simple to handle, such as gravel and
laterite or gravel and one of the other commercial products for substrate
additive, Flourite, Terralit etc.

in Vancouver, Canada