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Water Changes

Adam wrote:  >>> It seems to me that you could lower your fish load and
change less water more often.   I rarely change 25% except when I space
out and leave the siphon in too long.  With most aqauria, and especially
planted aquaria, less is better.>>>

Just can't agree with this one.  My experience is that more is better in
the case of water changes.  I have soft water and even though I
supplement micronutrients, N and K, I find that my plants perk up with
water changes.  The growth seems to be a bit more vibrant and robust.
And even though I find Amano's materials rather weak in the science
area, I continue to suspect that experience has taught him to recommend
50% water changes weekly.  Because I've made water changing easy, I
change 30% - 40% weekly with good results, in fact slightly better
results than when I changed less water.  

Regards, Steve Dixon