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trichloromethanes aren't natural and niether is chloramine

This statement was made:

"However, every medical journal and environmentalist
newsletter I have read that discusses chlorinated organic compunds 
states that
there are NO naturally occuring chlorinated organics. " 

That is precisely how we know we have the 'divine' intervention of 
humans.  I quizzed my friendly neighbourhood toxicologist on the fate of 
chlorine in aquatic environments and found some juicy little tidbits.  
She agrees with masses, trichloromethanes are a product of the 
introduction of chlorine or chloramine into an aquatic environment.  

The trichloromethanes form a precipitate and are thus captured in your 
gravel or mechanical filtration media.  We didn't get into number 
crunching but you can be pretty confident that the carcinogenic impact 
on the fish is not substantial.

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